Welcome to Fradsham Carvings

Painstakingly hand crafted by Scott Fradsham in his studio, each Fradsham carving is designed exclusively for you. Personalize your trophy room, den, office, or bedroom with a stunning, one-of-a-kind carving.

We are located in Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada, almost on the eastern tip of North America; a part of the world well-known for its artisans and unique crafts.

Scott is well known for his amazing attention to detail, as well as his ability to work with a variety of woods and other natural materials. Read about Scott and his work, and have a look at our ever-expanding photo gallery. Serious, practical, or with a touch of humour; our carvings are designed for those who appreciate the beauty of natural materials and the appeal of hand-crafted artwork.

Santa Carvings

“Naked Santa” (6″)

SANTA DEC.2012 santa 4 004

naked santa OCT.2012 naked santa OCT..2012


DSCN0479 DSCN0478

Walking Santa with Tree(9″x 15″ with base)

DSC00940 DSC00937 DSC00938 DSC00936

DSC00939 DSC00943


Santa with hands in pockets(9″)

Iqaluit-20131229-00116 Iqaluit-20131229-00117 Iqaluit-20131229-00118

Pudgy Santa(6″)

Iqaluit-20131229-00119 Iqaluit-20131229-00120

Picture holder Santa(7″)

SANTA 2011 santa 050 santa 4 008

Tall Santa(15″)



Ford’s Box

P1000082After my father-in-law,Ford, passed, my wife’s family wanted me to make a box for his beautiful urn.

This is Ford’s Box.

He was an out-going man that enjoyed the outdoors.His passion was hunting and trips with the boys to their cabin in central Newfoundland.

He had 3 children, 1 boy and 2 girls and 6 grand-daughters

I decided to carve his cabin on the top of the box.
On each side, are pictures of a rabbit and a moose which he enjoyed to hunt.
On the front of the box, are 6 butterflies. Each one is a symbol of each grand-daughter with their initials on the wings of each butterfly.
In the bottom corner is a heart and a large butterfly. His wife’s initial on the heart(V) and on the butterflies wings are his children’s initials (Q, M & S).

toptop Ifull view IItop IIside of box IIside of boxfront butterflies with granddaughters initals betterflies with Violets and kids initals Hope you enjoy it, Ford…..

Relief Carvings

We can produce relief carvings in a variety of woods and surfaces.

We can design a carving from photos, logos, or just an idea; contact us for more!


Our lamps range from $80 to $300 & up depending on size.

These are nice gifts to personalize someone’s home.


We can carve your gunstock with any design you choose; photos, logos, text, or any combination.

Grips (Forearm)

One Side Both Sides
Fishscale/Basket Weave $100 $175
Plus Animal Head $150 $225
Barrel – same as above or add $50 for wrap around
Name (depending on length) $60-100
Initials $40-60
Border (scrole work/ leaves) $30-50
Small picture/animal $60-80
Large picture/animal $80-120

All prices above are approx.

To customize your gun, just contact me. I have hundreds of animals,scenes,scrole work or anything you would like to have on your gunstock.